Build Real-Time, Multiplayer Mobile Games

We take out the complexity of networking games, so that developers can focus on the part that really matters: the gameplay.

Synchronous game development is hard. Soragora makes it a no-brainer. Build your mobile game really fast without worrying about the backend.

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Game Focused Networking

We understand that real-time gaming is not just real-time messaging for games. Our library syncs right in with most game engines, so you can get started in minutes!

  • Seamlessly integrate both constant synchronization and event-driven patterns
  • Easily add smooth interpolation and client-side prediction
  • Use our flexible authoritative servers with built-in lag compensation
  • Automatically match players and dynamically create game rooms and lobbies

No Server Setup Necessary

Deploy in seconds -- without running your own servers or databases. Focus on your game and leave the rest to us.

  • Simply start coding and let us worry about the hosting
  • Quickly setup a flexible authoritative server architecture and let us be your entire stack
  • Scale as your game grows and never lose users again

High Performance On Mobile

Whether you're building a simple puzzle game or a multiplayer tower defense, Soragora can help. Our service is optimized for 3G and 4G performance.

  • Utilize the cutting edge in game-centric networking to minimize dropped players and shaky connections
  • Dynamically adjust update frequency based on clients' load
  • Delta encode data to minimize bandwidth load
  • Minimize latency by adding server localization

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